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See us at AISTech 2018 - Booth 1912

Need to remove oil from scale pits and wastewater?
Visit booth 1912 at AISTech in Philadelphia, May 7-10, 2018

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Going to AISTech?

Booth 1912 - Oil Skimmers, Inc.


Come see us at AISTech, Booth 1912, where we will be featuring our Model 6V on a guard rail mount and the Hi-Flow Oil Discharge Package. Originally developed for steel industry customers to deal with especially heavy, viscous oil or grease, the Hi-Flow Package can be used with any of our standard skimming systems to help keep the oil flowing once it’s recovered by the skimmer.

Keep heavy grease and oil flowing easily

Ideal for scale pits in steel applications with viscous oil and sludge

Maximize throughput for all oil types with continuous flow to a collection vessel

Eliminate build up of sludge in skimming equipment

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See it in action at Booth 1912

The Hi-Flow package features:

  • Heated skimmer to prevent sludge build-up
  • Heated funnel spout to keep heavy oil flowing (electric or steam)
  • Safety hood to enclose and protect the skimmer, and retain heat
  • Adjustable debris screen to filter out solids
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Where there's oil on water...

Trust the Oil Removal Solution Experts. Let's discuss your oil-on-water challenges, and we'll use our 50 years of expertise in the industry to determine the best solution.

AISTech 2018 Floor Plan • Booth 1912

For more information about the Hi-Flow, or for assistance with your current oil-on-water application, please contact us:

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