Free eBook: The Complete Guide: Oil Removal Challenges (and Solutions) in the Food Industry

eBook - Oil Removal Challenges and Solutions in the Food Industry

Real world examples of oil removal challenges
and solutions in the food & beverage industry.
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eBook: The Benefits of Removing Oil from Water

Free eBook:

Oil Removal Challenges (and Solutions) in the Food Industry

In nearly every segment of the vast food and beverage industry persists a consistent, costly problem: fat, oil and grease (FOG) on wastewater

This eBook walks you through oily water applications from eight key segments of the food industry. Learn about the types of solutions employed and equipment implemented to remedy the issues most commonly associated with FOG on wastewater, such as:

• Increased cost to the water treatment plant
• Increased cost of water discharge
• Environmental compliance
• Missed opportunity for a new revenue source

eBook-Oil Removal Challenges and Solutions in the Food Industry

Where does the oil come from?

Removing FOG from water is an important problem to address in all segments of the industry. Oil ends up in wash water and wastewater in each of these applications:

  • Farm equipment - From washdown of machinery and facilities
  • Oil extraction - natural byproduct of extracting oil from plants and seeds
  • Oil transport - Washing tank trucks
  • Oil used for cooking or as an ingredient - Washing equipment and facilities
  • Fat, oil and grease from meat and fish - Natural byproduct in processing operations
  • Food packaging manufacturers - Hydraulic oil from machinery
  • Canning foods and beverages - Oil from can seamers
  • Cooking food for consumption - FOG builds up in grease traps

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