ESS Enclosed Skimming System

Enclosed oil removal system connects seamlessly to openings
or manways on tanks, sumps or separators and contains VOCs.

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Enclosed Skimming System

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In 50 years of providing oil removal solutions, we've come across many applications where the oil skimming system needed to be enclosed. Whether for safety and protection, containment of VOCs, or simply for aesthetic purposes, the ESS (Enclosed Skimming System) from Oil Skimmers, Inc. may be a good option for removing oil from the water's surface in your application. 

The ESS is a complete oil removal solution designed to fit atop manways or openings on tanks and sumps, and is fully enclosed in an effort to:

  • eliminate visible oil drips and leaks
  • provide protection in harsh environments
  • restrict access or tampering
  • keep all moving parts unexposed
  • contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from escaping into the surrounding environment

The ESS consists of three key elements:

  1. System Core 
    The System Core is comprised of:
    • Brill® Tube Type Oil Skimmer (Model 6V or 7V)
    • Access Door 
      Allows for easy access, system maintenance, and observation 
    • Oil/Water Decanter
      The decanter ensures the least possible percentage of water in collected oil and returns any water back to the application
    • Controller
      Many control features available including power ON/OFF/Auto, timers, heating elements, and more
  2. Height Extension (if needed)
    Allows for height adjustability of the System Core to accommodate gravity drainage of recovered oil. The extension can be made to any height so recovered oil can easily gravity drain into a collection vessel. The height of the extension is specific to each application and determined by the required location of oil discharge line.
  3. Adapter Plate (if needed)
    The Adapter Plate allows the ESS to fit seamlessly on any existing manway or opening. The adapter plate is customized to meet your specific requirements for size, shape, elevation, and bolt pattern. 
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Configurations and options

The ESS is available in two base configurations:

Unit sits atop a manway or opening in tank, sump or separators, and recovered oil is gravity drained into the customer's oil collection vessel.

ESS Standard


For applications that require the skimming system to include a collection tank to store removed oil. The Centaur ESS comes equipped with a oil storage tank and pump to facilitate transfer of the oil from the tank to another location or vessel. The oil collection tank can be separate or attached to the ESS to make a complete, integrated system.

ESS Centaur


A variety of options are available to customize an ESS™ to address the needs for your specific application or environment, including: 

  • Material of construction (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Heat and winterization
  • Motor and system controllers
  • Oil storage tank and pump (Centaur) 
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Is the ESS a good fit for you?

Let's talk about your application. We can discuss your current challenges and determine if an Enclosed Skimming System would be a fitting and beneficial solution. We'll take into consideration all the factors like location and access to the tank, sump or pit. We'll determine if VOCs need to be contained, oil drips concealed, or if the system requires protection in a harsh environment. Plus, we'll cover the several cost-saving benefits the ESS provides.

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For more information about the ESS, or for assistance with any oil-on-water application, please contact us:

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Happy Skimming!

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