Get to know the ORTS - Oil Removal and Transfer System

Remove oil from the surface of wastewater, decant it, store it,
then transfer it to a remote location.

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Oil Removal and Transfer System

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Oil Skimmers, Inc. does more than provide the world's best oil skimmers - we provide comprehensive oil removal solutions. One such solution is the ORTS® Oil Removal and Transfer System. The ORTS is a turnkey, integrated system that efficiently removes oil from the surface of water, decants and stores the recovered oil, then transfers it to a remote location.

The ORTS is made up of various individual components working together to accomplish 4 key functions:

  1. Oil Removal
    A Model 6V or 7V Brill® oil skimmer recovers oil continuously with a free-floating tube that is driven across the surface of the contaminated water. Oil adheres to the tube and is removed by scrapers in the skimmer.
  2. Decanting
    To ensure the least possible percentage of water in the collected oil, the ORTS features a built-in decanter. The decanter returns any collected water so only oil moves to an adjacent oil storage tank.
  3. Oil Storage
    A tank stores the recovered and decanted oil until it is ready to be transferred. The tank can be made to any size requirement and constructed of various materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.
  4. Oil Transfer
    An onboard, integrated pump facilitates the transfer of collected oil to a larger or remote collection tank. All types of pumps - centrifugal, double diaphragm, gear, and progressive cavity pumps - can be part of an ORTS. The type and size of the pump is determined by your specific application.
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Configurations and options

The ORTS is available in two base configurations:

Direct Vertical Lift
For applications where the unit can be positioned at the edge of the sump or pit with the skimmer directly above the water.


Extended Reach
For applications where there is distance or obstacles (guard rail, berm, etc.) preventing the unit from being placed directly adjacent to the water - or if it is simply preferred to position the skimmer out, over the water.


A variety of options like material of construction, heat tracing and insulation, and system controls are available to customize an ORTS solution for your specific application or environment.

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Is the ORTS a good fit for you?

Let's talk about your application. We can discuss your current challenges and determine if an all-in-one solution like the ORTS is a good fit. We'll take into consideration all the factors like location of the pit, access and positioning of the skimming unit, where the oil goes once it's recovered, and the several cost-saving benefits the ORTS provides.

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For more information about the ORTS®, or for assistance with your current oil-on-water appliation, please contact us:

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