Infographic - The Journey of Water: Opportunities to Remove Oil

See the new Infographic on page 17 of the eBook,
"The Benefits of Removing Oil from Water"
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eBook: The Benefits of Removing Oil from Water

New Infographic on Page 17 of the eBook:

The Benefits of
Removing Oil from Water

In just about every industrial process on earth, whether it’s making steel or cosmetics, food processing, mining, railroads, or construction, water plays an important part of a company’s operations. Similarly, in most, if not all of those same industries, oil plays some kind of role. It may be lubrication oil, fuel oil, or the process itself may consume or produce oil - such as in chemical plants and oil refineries. Chances are, at some point, water comes into contact with oil.

In today’s world, the environmentally and economically conscious seek to recycle and reuse both water and oil. The very first step in any recycle or reuse process is to separate the oil from the water.

The new infographic on page 17 of this eBook illustrates the opportunities to remove oil from water used in industrial processes, and from industrial wastewater.

Download the eBook & Infographic:

Download eBook: The Benefits of Removing Oil from Water

Why is Removing Oil Important?

Removing oil from water, whether process water or wastewater – is important for a number of reasons and can offer significant benefits such as:

  • Reducing costs
  • Generating new revenue
  • Enhancing environmental responsibility
  • Providing safer work environments
  • Improving overall operations

The e-Book provides answers to the questions, "Why is Removing Oil Important?", and "What is Oil Skimming?", and features examples of how oil skimmers and oil removal systems have made an impact in several different applications and industries, like: Manufacturing, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Railroad, Steel Production, Food Production, Metal Machining, and Power Generation Plants.

On Page 17, see the new infographic, "The Journey of Water - Opportunities to Remove Oil" to understand where to best implement an oil removal system in your application.

Download the eBook & Infographic:

Download eBook: The Benefits of Removing Oil from Water

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