Introducing the Model 7V

Increased tube size plus complete speed control and epoxy coating equals
super-duty performance, unmatched versatility, and superior oil pick-up capacity.
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Model 7V Brill® Oil Skimmer

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Introducing the latest addition to the Oil Skimmers, Inc. family of Brill tube-type oil skimmers, the Model 7V. In response to customer requests for increased pick up rates and skimmer speed control, we developed this super-duty oil skimmer to be tougher, more versatile and able to pick up more oil than any other tube skimmer available. 

The Model 7V is built with all the same proven, time-tested features of the Model 6V, but with these additional Super-Duty characteristics:

  1. Maximized Oil Pickup Capacity
    • Larger, 1-inch collector tube combined with complete speed control allows for maximum oil recovery in any application
  2. Unmatched Versatility and Flexibility
    • Speed control allows for fine tuning and on-the-fly adjustments for the conditions of your specific application
  3. Increased Toughness and Durability
    • Epoxy coating provides additional protection and durability to an already rugged and proven solution that lasts for decades in harsh environments, indoors or out

1-Inch Collector Tube

The same proven formula that makes our collector tubes so effective, but with a larger, 1” outside diameter.

  • 33% More Surface Area
    • Increased oil pick-up ability
  • Thicker, Sturdier Tube
    • Will not easily kink, flop, or knot-up during operation, allowing more tubing on the surface of the water
    • Performs reliably at increased skimming speeds
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Motor Speed Control

The Model 7V features complete speed control that allows you to adjust the skimmer to the conditions of your application.

  • Adjustable speed to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Provides the flexibility to adjust to changing conditions of your application
    • Increase speed for high volume of oil
    • Decrease speed when floating oil is low
    • Increase speed to recover thin oil or fuel
    • Decrease speed for heavy oil or grease
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Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating adds durability and toughness to the Model 7V, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions and applications.

  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface
  • Chemical resistant
  • Performs in harsh, corrosive conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to impact, compressive forces and abrasion
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Model 7V Oil Removal Systems 

The Model 7V can be used with all the same systems, and shares many of the same internal components as the Model 6V, making for simple trade-in or replacement.

These systems include:

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For more information about the Model 7V, or for assistance with your current oil-on-water appliation, please contact us:

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