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Remove Oil from Coolant, Washwater, or Wastewater

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Remove Oil from the Surface of Wastewater

White Paper - The Challenges of Removing Surface Oil

Imagine tackling your greatest production challenge quickly, easily, and inexpensively – and even generating a profit while doing so. Removal of surface (free-floating) oil does not need to be difficult, expensive or inefficient.

In this White Paper, "The Challenges of Removing Surface (Free-Floating) Oil", learn about the reasons to skim oil, the methods of skimming oil, and how our 45 years of oil skimming experience with thousands of applications in all industries around the world can help turn your problems into profits.

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White Paper - The Challenges of Removing Surface Oil

In the white paper:

  • When oil is a problem
  • Approaches to oil/water separation
  • Methods of removing oil
  • Types of oil skimmers
  • Free-floating tube skimmer
  • Environmental considerations
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