Cantilever Mounted System

Cantilever Mounted System

One of the challenges facing Oil Skimmers, Inc. in its early years was how to locate the oil skimmer over the water, when it was impossible or undesirable to locate it near the water’s edge. Previously, a costly and time-consuming walkway or platform was required; however, this requirement was eliminated with the introduction of “Boom Mounts.”

These are pre-engineered, pre-constructed economical mounting systems that allow the Model 6V Brill™ to be positioned over the water.

The skimmer can be mounted at any height to allow gravity discharge of the skimmed oil, eliminates special design work and construction of support platforms and allows the skimmer to swing back to shore for safe, easy servicing.

Boom mounts are available in two designs:

Model 6V Cantilever Mount

Where a reach of 1 to 7 feet is needed, the cantilever mount is recommended.

By locating a mast near the edge of the basin or sump, the mount need only be assembled. The skimmer will be out over the water, and will be mounted high enough to allow for gravity discharge (the supporting boom serves as the discharge pipe). It will swing back to the side for easy and safe servicing.

The entire system can be pre-wired, heat traced and insulated for winter installations. The system is available in standard 6-foot and 8-foot lengths, but can be easily modified for shorter lengths.

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