Mobile ORTS® Skim Station

Mobile ORTS® Skim Station

Recover your waste oil at multiple plant locations or at various points around large ponds or lagoons with one versatile tank-mounted oil recovery system from Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Simplicity, defined:

  • Choose a site.
  • Swing the boom into place.
  • Drop in the tube.

The long reach of the boom ensures that no physical obstruction or rough terrain will interfere with the placement of this oil skimmer over the water. Positioning is fast and easy, time after time. And, recovered oil is stored in a collection tank for easy removal.

No Fuss, No Mess – Nothing Could be Simpler

The Model 6V Brill™ oil skimmer and balanced boom mount is an oil recovery system proven effective on all types of applications around the world. The Model 6V Brill™ is rugged, dependable and is engineered with non-clogging, long-lasting components.

Its versatility is further enhanced by the balanced boom mount, which allows 360-degree rotation and movement up and down as required for simple placement, easy servicing on dry land, and convenient transportation. Its extra-long reach also ensures that terrain conditions at pit, pond, or ditch edge will not interfere with efficient placement of the oil skimmer over the water.

To ensure the flow of oil in the coldest of climates, the operating portion of the oil skimmer and boom also can be electrically heated and insulated.

The collection tank can be fabricated in any size desired – from small to very large. The tank can be electrically heated and insulated to keep the oil warm and flowing for easy drainage out of the tank. Stabilizer jacks maintain a fixed and steady position when the unit is at the job site.

Situation: Large manufacturing plants and mills generally have many pits or basins where waste oil accumulates.

Oil Skimmers’ versatile mobile tank-mounted oil skimmer can be positioned at site after site for easy and efficient waste oil recovery.

Situation: Oil producers with remote holding ponds may have valuable crude oil floating on the surface of the ponds.

The Oil Skimmers mobile system equipped with an optional electrical generator package may be taken to the remote site and positioned for continual removal of the crude oil before environmental factors turn this valuable crude into a tar-like substance or sludge.

Situation: Large ponds and ditches are subject to wind or current changes that may carry floating oils outside the reach of stationary oil skimmers.

The Oil Skimmers mobile system enables the waste oil to be recovered at any spot where the oil may be carried before the waste oil can be discharged into nearby lakes, streams or wastewater treatment facilities.

A wind-up reel on the back of the trailer permits the unit to be plugged in if power is available at the site or an optional generator pack can be provided. An indicator light atop the tank signals when the tank is full and an automatic shut-off switch has stopped the operation of the skimmer.

Oil Skimming Station

The Oil Skimmers, Inc., Oil Skimming Station is designed to supply larger collection containers for the oily waste removed by the Oil Skimmers Model 6V Brill™ waste oil recovery system.

The Oil Skimming Station is a practical and complete oil removal operation. Floating oils and grease are removed by the Model 6V Brill™ oil recovery system and are gravity-transferred into a large-capacity steel tank. The recovered oily wastes are held in this customized collection tank for convenient, clean, safe and efficient handling.

Designed for virtually maintenance-free operation and very “user friendly,” the Oil Skimming Station is the most efficient and cost-effective way to continually remove and store floating oils and grease, and will deliver consistent and reliable results.

The Oil Skimming Station is ideally suited for outdoor applications such as ponds, rainwater retention basins, API separators, and other areas that receive varying quantities of oil that must be removed.

The Oil Skimming Station simplifies the handling of oily waste by eliminating 55-gallon drums, which are unstable, difficult to transport, and costly to dispose of. Oily waste sent to a treatment or recycling facility in 55-gallon drums is significantly more expensive to process than waste oil handled in bulk.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. also offers a number of control packages to automate and monitor the operation of the skimmer, the levels in the collection tank, heating packages if required, and other accessories.

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