Pallet Mounted System

Pallet Mounted System

Model 6V Pallet Mount

The 60-inch or 30-inch pallet mount frame can be supplied with a portable cart. This allows one Model 6V skimmer unit to service a number of locations where the cart mount is not practical.

This pallet is designed to accept the skimmer and floor frame, and it is also weighted to permit the unit to operate near the sump edge. This oil skimmer option is easily moved with a standard fork truck.

Cart and Pallet Mount Skimming System

Easily movable mounts make the Model 6V portable.

For more than 35 years, our Model 6V Brill™ floating tube oil skimmer has been considered the most efficient, trouble-free method of oil removal for a wide variety of industries. In response to many requests from our customers, easily movable mounts are now available from Oil Skimmers Inc.

These systems are used on applications where:

  • The Model 6V is needed to skim oil or grease from more than one sump or pit, and the required frequency or amount of oil to remove does not justify the purchase of multiple units.
  • It is necessary from time to time to move the skimmer system to allow access to the skimming area in order to clean or service other equipment.

Mounting Options for Portability

Pallet Mount – The Model 6V, along with the 60-inch (1.52m) Floor Frame, are mounted onto a metal pallet. The system can easily be moved from one location to another, or taken out of and put back into service with the use of a standard fork truck or pallet jack. This mounting system is used where the terrain to be traversed is too rough for the use of the cart mount.

For this system the pallet is weighted to allow the Model 6V to extend out over the skimming area. A heavier duty pallet mount is available where it is desirable to extend the skimmer out more than 12 inches from the edge of the skimming area. An example would be multiple ditches, which require routine skimming.

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