Why the Tube?

Why the Tube?

Tube oil skimmers are designed to ensure consistent, even operation, regardless of the application. And when it comes to performance, tube skimmers consistently outperform any other types of skimmers.

Tube oil skimmers run on a simple concept: continuously remove oil from the surface of the water using a closed-loop tube that floats on the surface of the water, attracting the floating oil or grease.

Oil adheres to the outside of the closed looped tube, which is continuously driven across the separator’s surface and through a set of scrapers that remove the oil, which is then drained into a collection tank.

Tube skimmers can efficiently remove all petroleum-based oil, fats, greases, and oily wastes, as well as animal and vegetable oils that float on the surface of water. Other skimmers can get clogged with floating debris, which creates an oily dam preventing them from picking up oil and grease. However, tube skimmers have the ability to snake over, under, and through debris to continuously pick up oil.

Floating tube oil skimmers are a practical solution, as they are:

No matter what your application needs, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has a system that will manage all your waste oil recovery efforts.

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