Oil Skimming Decanter

To maximize waste oil recovery, a decanter is often included as part of the total package. The decanter is designed to permit minute droplets of water removed by the skimming system to be returned to the area being skimmed.

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Adding the Oil Skimmers Inc. decanter should be considered when:

  • The skimmed oil is frothy. Found in machine tool coolant, cold rolling mill coolant, or parts washing solution, the decanter gives these a chance to further separate from the removed oil and be returned to the solution reservoir. This helps to conserve solution loss, decreasing the need for new solution purchases.
  • Skimmer operates continuously but oil is not constantly present. Situations in which oil does not enter the skimming area for long periods of time, but the skimmer operates continually to safeguard against excessive discharge. During these times when there is no oil present the decanter will prevent an accumulation of water in your storage tank.
  • Where oily waste disposal costs and/or oil reclamation costs need to be controlled. The decanter minimizes the quantity of water or solution accumulation in waste storage containers, thereby controlling costs.
  • The operating principle uses the difference between the specific gravity of oil and water. The lighter oil will separate and float higher than the water. A specially engineered manifold incorporates an oil weir that allows the oil to overflow at this higher level while the water is continually discharged at a lower level for continuous unattended decanting. A 3-inch NPT coupling (oil) and a 3/4-inch NPT coupling (water) are provided for easy installation.

A sludge pan is provided to catch heavy solids. For easy clean-out, a 2-inch coupling is provided at the bottom of the tank, to which a valve can be attached. To assist in separation, an optional heat rod is available in either 120V or 240V.