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50 Years. 119 Countries. 35,000 Applications

Oil Skimmers, Inc. has been providing simple, effective and cost-saving oil removal solutions to business and industry for over 50 years.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has 38 sales/services offices in the United States, and 48 dealers overseas.

The company’s focus is on the production of reliable equipment that provides years of trouble-free operation, and friendly, customer-oriented service.

Using high quality parts, our systems are designed to be your valuable “silent employee” by doing their job of picking up oil day after day, year after year, with virtually no supervision or maintenance.

When problems arise concerning oil removal from wastewater, it is nice to know you are dealing with a company whose personnel have seen and solved 38,000 applications in all industries, in 121 countries around the world.

No matter your application, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has a system that will manage your waste oil recovery efforts. Call or contact us today, and we’ll find the right system for you.

Why Choose Oil Skimmers, Inc.?

Why choose Oil Skimmers, Inc.?There is no question as to why Oil Skimmers Inc. is the best solution for waste and recovery efforts. With the highest quality products available industry-wide, and a 100% guarantee along with trained representatives, Oil Skimmers provides unbeatable advantages.

  • Manufactures high quality, efficient and trouble-free oil skimmers with a life span of upwards of 25 years. They are the cost-effective answer to varying environmental requirements regarding oil removal.
  • Is customer-oriented and solution-driven; we have solved thousands of oil skimming problems in numerous industries for over 50 years.
  • Can customize any oil skimming system to solve specific and unique customer issues and requirements by using different materials, size, pick up rate – whatever the job requires, we can supply it.
  • With a worldwide network of factory-trained representatives ready to help you with your oil skimming problems, we can provide a complete, no obligation on-location survey of your skimming needs.
  • Can supply complete turn-key oil skimming systems that include a collection tank, wired control panel, or any other needed features which allow customers to simply place the unit where it’s needed – and turn it on!
  • Offer a complete performance guarantee. If, after 60 days of running our skimmer, you do not feel that it is performing to your satisfaction you can contact a representative to come in and examine the skimmer application for possible corrections. If there are no possible corrections, or if you are still dissatisfied with the performance of your skimmer, we welcome you to ship it back for a full refund of the purchase price.

No matter what your application needs, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has a system that will manage all your waste oil recovery efforts.

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