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Need Replacement or Spare Parts for your Oil Skimmer?

Order oil skimmer partsOil Skimmers, Inc. provides all the parts, parts kits and sub-assemblies required to keep your skimmer running at maximum performance. To inquire about parts for your skimmer, request a parts list or maintenance manual, or place an order for replacement parts, contact us:

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Our focus is to manufacture and supply reliable equipment that provides years of trouble-free operation, and friendly, customer-oriented service.

Using high quality parts, our systems are designed to be your valuable “silent employee” by doing their job of picking up oil day after day, year after year, with virtually no supervision or maintenance.

Order replacement parts directly from Oil Skimmers, Inc. to keep your oil skimmer running and performing its best for years to come.


Brill® tube-type oil skimmers from Oil Skimmers, Inc. feature our free-floating oil collector tube, made from our unique formula which creates a tube that loves oil. Some customers refer to the collector tube as a skimmer hose, skimmer rope, or skimmer belt. While the tube is designed to be able to withstand the most abusive industrial environments involving changes in shape, movement, temperature, and chemical interaction, it and other wear parts should be replaced periodically to maintain peak performance. 

Upon placing your order, we custom make the tube to the length required for your specific application. 

To ensure your skimmer continues to perform as designed, always order your replacement tubes directly from Oil Skimmers, Inc. To verify that your collector tube was provided by Oil Skimmers, Inc. look for this imprint:

Make sure to check the condition of your collector tube periodically. Oil Skimmers, Inc. recommends doing so every six months. To order a replacement tube, contact us:

PHONE: +1 (440) 237-4600
US Toll-Free: 1-800-200-4603
E-MAIL: info@oilskim.com
CONTACT US FORM: Click here to submit your questions

Upon receiving your collector tube, make sure to care for it properly

 Remove the collector tube from the carton immediately and hang as shown below.

The collector tube must be hung in an untwisted condition for no less than two days before being installed on the skimmer. Failure to hang the collector tube as shown may cause the tube to twist, resulting in potential operation malfunction. 

Installing or Replacing the Collector Tube

How to replace an oil skimmer tubeRequired tools: 

  • 7/16" box wrench (or crescent wrench or pliers)
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • 3/16" allen wrench (Model 5H)
  • 5/32" allen wrench (Model 1H)

Watch how the tube is installed: 
VIDEO: How to Install or Replace the Collector Tube on the Model 6V
VIDEO: How to Install or Replace the Collector Tube on the  Model 5H
VIDEO: How to Install or Replace the Collector Tube on the Model 1H

NOTE: After replacing the collector tube, and prior to powering the skimmer, check the oil level in the skimmer housing. Add 30W, non-detergent oil if needed.

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