Free-Floating Collector Tube Test Kit

Wondering how well our tube type oil skimmers will work for your application? No problem. 

Please take a moment to complete the following request form for a Tube Test Kit.

Request your FREE Tube Test Kit

Complete the form below with your contact information and we will send you a Tube Test Kit. Provide us with details of your current skimming application or challenges so we can send any other pertinent information along with the test kit.

Each kit includes instructions and testing materials that will quickly and definitively show how efficiently our oil skimmers will work for you. If the two-minute test is positive, then it is time to order an Oil Removal System from Oil Skimmers Inc.

Tube skimmer oil removal test kit

What's in the Kit?

  • 1' Length of Sample Collector Tube
  • String for Testing in Deep Pits or Tanks
  • Clean Cloth
  • Application Data Sheet
  • Instructions
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