Oil Skimmer Hanging Mount

Hanging Mount Oil Removal System

For areas where an overhead structure is present, there is the option to mount the Model 6V by hanging it from its handles. It can be mounted at any height to allow gravity discharge. A “hanging kit” is used to channel the oil in any direction for easy collection.

Hanging Mounted Oil Removal Systems

Hanging Mount Oil Removal Systems comes complete with:

  • Oil Skimmer w/ Safety Cover
  • Hanging Kit
  • M3A or M3B Spout
  • Basic Control Panel (Skimmer Motor ON/OFF)

Available with the following options:

  • Hi-Flow Oil Discharge Package (for thick oil or grease)
  • Skimmer Heat (120V or 240V Heat Rod)
  • Spout Heat (120V or 240V Heat Pad)
  • Ceramic Lined Tube Guards
  • Insulated Weather & Wind Jacket
  • *Epoxy Coating (Skimmer only or entire system)
  • *Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to control skimmer speed
  • Explosion Proof motor and controller
  • Control Panel Additions (Timer, Heat Control, Level Switches, etc.)

System available with the following oil skimmers:

  • Model 6V Brill Oil Skimmer
  • Model 7V Brill Oil Skimmer

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