Oil Skimming Systems and Skimmer Mounting Options

ORTS Oil Removal and Transfer System

ORTS® Oil Removal & Transfer System

Complete oil removal system all on one skid. Skimmer, oil storage tank with decanter, transfer pump and controller. See all models and options.

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ESS Enclosed Skimming System

ESS® Enclosed Skimming System

Fully enclosed & gasketed, the ESS is protected from the elements, and vapor sealed to contain VOCs

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Oil Skimmer Frame Mounts

Frame Mounted Systems

Pre-engineered mounting solutions for tanks, pits, sumps, guard rails and walls. Systems include sludge pans, decanters, controllers, and more.

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Extended Reach Oil Skimming Systems

Extended Reach Skimming Systems

Cantilevers and Balanced Booms extend the reach of the skimmer up to 16 feet out from the mount's base. For oil removal in pits, ponds and lagoons.

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Mobile Oil Skimming Systems

Mobile Skimming Systems

Mobile solutions for all applications, large or small. Recover waste oil at multiple plant locations or at various points around large ponds and lagoons with one versatile, portable, tank-mounted oil recovery system.

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Hanging Oil Skimmers

Hanging Mount System

For applications where the skimmer needs to be hung, and overhead structure is present, we have a variety of solutions for hanging the skimming system.

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