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Industries and Applications

With 50 years in the oil skimming business, we've seen applications in every industry and have put together this collection of information and resources for your reference.

For over 50 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has provided oil skimmers, skimming systems, oil water separators and custom engineered oil removal solutions for over 35,000 oily water applications. Learn more about how oil and water meet in these industries and applications, how the oil is removed, the equipment commonly used,and read related blog posts and case histories.


Remvoing oil from water at Biodiesel plants

Removal and recovery of oil from biodiesel production water offers significant advantages to those in the biodiesel industry.

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Oil removal solutions in the Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, oil is often discharged into wastewater during processes such as cooling or polymerization.

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Food and Beverage

Remove FOG from food processing and beverage canning facilities

Oil from kettles and fryers or canning/seamer applications often mixes with wash water in the food and beverage industry.

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Fuel Distribution

Remove oil from water at Fuel Distribution facilities

The fuel distribution industry frequently encounters oil – from the fuel itself, during the equipment cleaning or servicing process to fuel spills and more.

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Oily water in the Marine industry

To remove oil or fuel that leaks or spills into water, mounting systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. can be configured for use on any type of water vessel.

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Metal Machining

Remove tramp oil from coolant sumps and parts washers

In the metal machining industry, oil used to lubricate equipment can leak into coolant during the machining process.

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Oil Skimmers and Separators in Military Applications

As in many industries, oil from military applications is often mixed with water as a result of cleaning and washing processes.

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Removing oil from water at Mining sites

At mines, leaked fuel and oil are often funneled into collection pits where it must be separated and removed from the wastewater.

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Salt Water Disposal

Oily water applications at Oil Drilling and Salt Water Disposal sites

In the oil drilling and salt water disposal industry, companies must properly dispose of salt water from oil production sites.

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Parts Washing

Removing tramp oil from water in a parts washer

Before wash water can be used again or discharged to a water treatment facility, tramp oil must be separated and removed from the wash washer.

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Petrochemical Plants

Oil water separators and oil skimmers at oil refinery

Water is used to channel spilled oil to plant treatment systems where oil needs to be separated and skimmed to ensure compliance with wastewater regulations.

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Power Generation Plants

Remove oil from water at Power Plants

With numerous lubricant connections, bearings, hydraulic seals, and other moving parts in a plant, oil often ends up in process, cooling, or cleaning water.

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Removing oil from water at Railroad Yards

At rail yards, oil leaks and fuel spills are commonplace. Oil and fuel are often washed off of locomotives during cleaning prior to maintenance.

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Steel Production

Remove oil from steel mill scale pits

From scale pits to cooling water and wastewater treatment areas or final discharge ponds, there are various points where oil mixes with water.

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Tank Truck Wash

Tank wash oil skimmer

At tank truck wash facilities, oil mixes with wash water during the tank wash process. The oil/water mix needs to be separated and the oil removed.

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