Oil Water Separators with Active Oil Removal™

For more than 50 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment that removes oil from water. Our oil skimmers and oil removal systems can be found in over 38,000 applications, in all industries around the world.

We’ve put our decades of application knowledge into the design and development of a line of oil water separators that address the specific inefficiencies found in traditional separators and built them to excel where other separators can fall short. In any application, small or large, The Oil Removal Solution Experts™ at Oil Skimmers, Inc. can provide the right solution to efficiently and effectively separate and remove oil from water.

Innovative Oil Water Separators

As oil removal solutions experts, Oil Skimmers, Inc. offers a growing selection of oil water separators designed to aid in the recovery of fat, oil and grease (FOG) from process water, wash water, coolant and wastewater. With features like Active Oil Removal™, our industry-leading oil water separator tanks are designed to excel in applications and conditions that can cause performance issues for traditionally designed separators.

SAS Oil Skimmer Tank

SAS® Tank Oil Water Separator with Active Oil Removal™

Separate And Skim (SAS) with this complete oil separation and removal solution. The SAS Tank combines an oil water separator with an oil skimmer for Active Oil Removal. Choose from standard configurations, or let our in-house engineering team customize a SAS Tank to meet the unique requirements of your specific application.


CoolSkim Tramp Oil Water Separator Coolant Coalescer

CoolSkim® Tramp Oil Water Separator

The CoolSkim® is an oil water separator and coolant coalescer that removes tramp oil from CNC machine coolant sumps and parts washers to extend the life of coolants and wash water, eliminating oil build up and bacteria growth. The CoolSkim has a small footprint, perfect for applications with tight spaces or limited access to the sump.


Skim 1st Oil Separator Tank

Skim 1st Tank Oil Water Separator

Remove oil prior to wastewater treatment! Oil water separation, oil skimming and wastewater flow regulation - all in one solution. A Skim 1st Tank is a combination of tank and tube-type oil skimmer to conveniently solve the problems of oil separation, oil removal in applications where flow rates vary, or wastewater is treated in batches.


Oil/Water Decanter

Used in combination with Brill tube skimmers, the decanter ensures the least possible percentage of water in the recovered oil. The decanter further separates the oil and water, and returns any water back to the application. Increase the value of your recovered oil by adding a decanter to any of our oil skimming systems.


Improve Your Wastewater Treatment Process With Our Innovative Oil Water Separator Design

In today’s environmentally conscious world, responsible businesses are looking for the best solutions to separate oil from water in their everyday processes. For oily water application large and small, we’ve got all your oil remval needs covered. For example, our CoolSkim™ Coolant Skimmer removes tramp oil from coolant in metal machining applications and the SAS® Tank Oil Water Separator with Active Oil Removal™ separates and actively removes oil from industrial process water and wastewater. Challenged with task of recovering oil from water at your facility? Reach out to our experts at (440) 237-4600. We are happy to help!


Frequently Asked Questions About Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators can achieve efficient separation of oil and water in many industrial applications. The right oil water separator can remedy many issues associated with oily wastewater may even help unlock new revenue streams. But what exactly does an oil water separator do?

Why Separate Oil and Water?

Many industrial processes generate wastewater that is a mixture of oil and water, and potentially many other impurities, chemicals, and solids. Oil is a contaminant that can wreak havoc on water treatment and filtration equipment - and if discharged with wastewater, can be an environmental concern. Facilities with oily wastewater must remove the oil before re-using or discharging the water. Local water authorities may perform inspections and charge fines when companies exceed the permitted wastewater contaminant levels. When oil is recovered efficiently, there is opportunity to generate revenue. Reclaimed oil can be a valuable resource for recyclers and can be sold for re-use in markets like biofuel. The right oil water separator can help you save -- and make money!

What is an Oil Water Separator and How Does It Work?

An oil water separator, in its most basic form, is a tank that provides the space and time needed for the oil and water separation process to occur. Oil is less dense than water and the two liquids are immiscible.  This difference in specific gravity causes oil to rise to the surface of the water, forming two distinct layers. Separators are made in many different sizes and include various feature-sets to accommodate certain flow rates - and designed to increase overall efficiency, and facilitate and expedite separation. In a coalescing oil water separator, for example, a series of media packs force oil droplets to collide and create larger droplets. The larger the droplets become, the more buoyant they become and rise more quickly. Once the oil is floating on the surface, it can be skimmed off for proper disposal or reuse.

What Industries Use Oil Water Separators?

Many different types of industries rely on oily water separators to remove fat, oil and grease in their everyday operations. Fot those in the food processing industry, there is a market for waste vegetable oil and animal fats, and when efficiently separated from wastewater, oil can be sold to recyclers for a profit. Metal machine shops, tank truck washes, steel mills, packaging plants, injection molding plants, and many more facilities that generate oily wastewater commonly install oil water separators to separate waste oil from water.

Understand Your Options for Effective, Efficient Oil Separation and Removal.

Think you may need an oil water separator at your facility? Wondering what the best solution could be for separating and removing oil from water? Request a free, no-obligation assessment from our team of experts. Take advantage of our 50+ years of applications knowledge to determine the best solution for your application.

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