Parts Washing

Skimming Oil from Water and coolant in parts washing applications

Before wash water can be used again or discharged to a water treatment facility, the oil must be separated and removed from the water.


In the parts washing industry, metal parts need to be thoroughly washed prior to being painted or coated to eliminate any oil that may be present on the metal and ensure the metal touts a clean surface. During the washing process, residual oil and grease is washed off the parts; however, in the process, it mixes with wash water, which is then collected in a containment area.

Before the wash water can be used again or discharged into a water treatment facility, the oil must be separated and removed from the water. Using an oil skimming system from Oil Skimmers, Inc. to execute the removal process brings numerous advantages to those in the parts washing business, such as:

  • Improves efficiency of wastewater treatment by continuously removing oil without the need for maintenance or supervision, resulting in lower operational costs
  • Increases cost savings by offering less frequent disposal of wash solutions, lowered use of chemicals, minimal downtime and reduced labor needs
  • Extends life of wash water without having to recharge it – further enhancing cost savings and operational efficiencies
  • Offers a cleaner recycled wash solution as oil removal enables wash water to be re-used while ensuring properly cleaned parts for optimal painting/plating
  • Improves salt spray test results
  • Lowers labor-related needs and costs by eliminating downtime needed to recharge water and restart bath (allowing the washing of more product) or monitor wash
  • Presents opportunities for recovered oil to be reused or sold to a salvager for added profit


Common oil removal applications in the parts washing business, include:

  • Wastewater sumps and pits designed to collect wash water used to wash parts after the machining process, prior to painting/coating processes, which are intended to eliminate oil coating
  • Parts washer cleaning solutions where waste oil can build up and oily film can cling to metal surfaces
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