Model 7V Brill® High Capacity 1-Inch Tube Type Oil Skimmer

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Increased Tube Size, plus Complete Speed Control and Epoxy Coating equals the 7V Super-Duty Skimmer

The Oil Skimmers, Inc, Model 7V Brill® oil skimming system is built with all the same proven, time-tested features of the of the Model 6V, but with added durability, flexibility and capacity. Developed to be the ultimate super-duty skimmer, the Model 7V is tougher, more versatile, and can recover more oil than any other tube type skimmer available.

7V tube skimmer

  • The increased tube size let you pick up more oil and skim efficiently at higher operating speeds
  • The variable speed control let you fine tune the skimmer to your specific conditions 
  • The epoxy coating makes the skimmer tough
  • The 3-year warranty confirms how reliable this system is, giving you peace of mind

Larger, 1-Inch Collector Tube

1-inch tube vs. 3/4-inch tubeThe Model 7V is the latest oil skimmer to join the Oil Skimmers, Inc. family of Brill® tube-type oil removal systems. It is the first in the family, however, to feature a 1" outside diameter collector tube. The same proven formula that makes all of our collector tubes so effective, but with a larger, 1” outside diameter.

  • Floats on surface and easily adjusts to changing water levels
  • Tube movement breaks up oil crusts and creates a current that draws in the oil
  • 33% more surface area
    • Increased oil pickup ability
  • Thicker, sturdier tube
    • Will not easily kink, flop, or knot-up during operation, allowing more tubing on the surface of the water
    • Performs perfectly at increased skimming speeds

Motor Speed Control

The Model 7V features complete speed control that allows you to adjust the skimmer to the conditions of your application.

  • Adjust speed for maximum efficiency
  • Provides the flexibility to adjust to changing conditions of your application
    • Increase speed for high volume of oil
    • Decrease speed when floating oil is low
    • Increase speed to recover thin oil or fuel
    • Decrease speed for heavy oil or grease 

Epoxy Coating

  • Durable, easy-to-clean surface
  • Chemical resistant
  • Performs in harsh, corrosive conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Abrasion resistant

3-Year Warranty

Extended beyond our traditional 1-year warranty, the Model 7V warranty guarantees the equipment against any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 3 years.

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