Improving Oil Water Separator by Adding Active Oil Removal

Oil Skimmers Inc., Helps Upgrade Oil/Water Separators to Meet Discharge Limits and Reduce Haul Away Costs

ESS Enclosed Skimming System for Oil Water Separator

The Oil Skimmers, Inc., ESS - Enclosed Skimming System is helping the fuel distribution industry improve the efficiency of oil/water separators and reduce costs associated with frequent “pump outs.”

Small fuel spills are a frequent occurrence in loading areas when hose connections are made and released from a bulk tanker.

The fuel flows to an oil/water separator where it accumulates. The accumulated fuel exits the separator during moderate to peak flow as found during a rain storm. This makes it difficult for a terminal to continually comply with current and future oil discharge regulations.

Oil/water separators fitted with existing inefficient skimming systems experience the same problem. Several inches or more of fuel must be present for high concentrations of fuel, and not water, to be removed and collected in a pit or section of the separator. The typical preventive measure is to hire a disposal company to regularly pump out the waste fuel. Generally a high percentage of water is hauled away or reprocessed with the waste fuel. This process is very costly.

The ideal solution – an uncomplicated, maintenance-free system for continual fuel removal from the separator that will eliminate the build-up of fuel and remove even a sheen of fuel off the water, thus preventing fuel discharges and dramatically reducing the costs associated with handling and processing of waste fuel.

The Oil Skimmers Inc., ESS featuring the Model 6V Brill® tube type oil skimmer continually removed fuel oil from oil/water separators efficiently, dependably, and without constant supervision. The skimming system removes the floating fuel by means of a Free-Floating Collector Tube™ that attracts fuel oil but not water. The fuel coated tube is drawn through scrapers that remove the fuel and the clean tube is returned to the water surface. The concentrated recovered fuel flows from the skimmer to a collection container. All mechanical components are mounted above grade and can be fixed directly to a manhole by means of a special adapter plate, designed by Oil Skimmers, Inc.

The ESS continually removes the fuel oil from an oil/water separator preventing build up of fuel and its release beyond the terminal. The skimming system also reduces the frequency and costs associated with “pump outs” and the volume hauled away by virtually eliminating any water in the fuel oil when it is disposed or reprocessed. Oil Skimmers, Inc. is based in Cleveland, Ohio and has thousands of its oil recovery systems in operation in a large number of industries throughout the world.

Download white paper: Oil Water Separators

Do you need to remove fuel or oil from your oil water separator?

If you have an existing separator that is underperforming, inefficient, and allowing oil to escape with the clean water, consider adding a tube skimmer to prevent oil build up, continuously remove oil from the surface, and keep your oil water separator working as designed. Read this informative white paper, "Enhance the Efficiency of Oil/Water Separators with Oil Skimmers".

Do you need an oil water separator?

Oil Skimmers, Inc. designs and manufactures SAS Tank oil water separators with Active Oil Removal™, combining both efficient separation and removal of oil from water. Learn more about SAS Tanks.

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