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SAS™ Tank - Oil Water Separator

SAS Tank™ LogoThe SAS (Separate And Skim) Tank™ from Oil Skimmers Inc. is a complete oil separation and removal solution for parts washing and machining coolant systems. The SAS Tank works with your parts washer or coolant sump to provide an efficient system to separate and remove the oil which finds its way into wash water or coolant. Properly and efficiently removing the oil extends the life of wash solutions and coolants.

The SAS Tank accepts a continual flow of liquid from the wash tank or coolant sump, which is then pumped into a separation chamber, where the oil is allowed to separate and forms two distinct layers. Unlike most systems available today, the SAS Tank is supplied with a continuous method of oil removal; the Model 1H Oil Skimmer. The skimmer eliminates the build-up of oil in the separation chamber, which is the primary cause of oil/water separator inefficiencies and maintenance.

The SAS Tank is also equipped with a Decanter which returns any wash water or coolant removed by the oil skimmer back into the system. The decanting process ensures the least possible percentage of water in the collected oil.

SAS Tanks are designed and engineered for each application, taking into consideration the size of the washer, flow rates and available floor space.

The SAS™ Tank is comprised of:

SAS Tank Separate and Skim Oil Water Separator

1. Sluge Removal Port
Particles and solids that make their way to the SAS tank can result in sludge build-up on the bottom of the tank. This port allows for easy cleaning of removal of sludge.

2. Separation Chamber
Designed to give the maximum amount of space for oil-water separation. Sized based on the flow rate of your application.

3. Weir and Pump
A floating weir, connected to a pump, is used to move the wash or coolant solution into the SAS tank . The size of the weir skimmer and type of pump is determined by your specific application.

4. Clean Water/Coolant Gravity Discharge
Clean water or coolant is gravity drained out of the oil water separator through this discharge port.

5. Model 1H Oil Skimmer
Continuously removes oil from the surface of the separation chamber (most separators do not feature continuous removal). Prevents oil accumulation in the separation chamber, that leads to bacteria build up, foul smells, re-emulsification of oil, overall system inefficiency, and increased maintenance.

6. Decanter
Ensures the least possible percentage of water in the collected oil. Returns any water picked up by the skimmer back into the separation chamber.

7. Recovered Oil Discharge
After decantation, recovered oil can be manually discharged by gravity or pumped to a larger container through this discharge port on the decanter.

Oil water separator with oil skimmerThe SAS Tank™ features the Model 1H tube-type oil skimmer manufactured by Oil Skimmers, Inc. The unit is designed to continuously remove the oil from the surface in the separation chamber.

The floating tube attracts oil from the surface of the liquid and is drawn into the skimmer where it passes through a series of stainless steel scrapers. As the scrapers remove the oil, it drains into the SAS Tank’s decanter. The clean tube returns to the tank to pick up more oil.

With the SAS Tank separating oil and water, the Model 1H working continuously to remove oils from the surface, and the built-in decanter ensuring no water in the recovered oil, the life of coolants and washing tank solutions is extended. That translates into lower expenses. Because you don’t need to drain and recharge as often, your detergent or degreasing supplies last longer and your fresh water bills go down.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. tube-type skimmers need no regular maintenance and they have been operating in even the harshest environments for decades. Whether the tank solution pH is very high or low, this unit will last.

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