How do oil skimmers work?

How Do Oil Skimmers Work?

Here's how Brill tube-type oil skimmers work...

Oil adheres to the outside of a floating, closed-loop tube as it is drawn across the surface of the water, adjusting automatically to changing water levels.

The movement of the tube across the surface actually creates a current that draws in the oil. The oil covered tube passes through ceramic scrapers that remove the oil and clean the tube. And the clean tube returns to the surface to collect more.

The recovered oil flows into a collection container, and is virtually water-free.

There are many standard mounting systems available for Brill tube type skimmers, or custom mounts can be designed to meets each customers' unique specifications.

Tube type skimmers can efficiently remove all petroleum based oil, fats, grease, oily waste, and animal or vegetable oils that float on the surface of the water.

Unlike other types of skimmers, that can be obstructed by floating debris, tube type skimmers have the ability to snake over, under, and through debris to constantly pick up oil.

For 50 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc. has designed and developed oil skimmers, oil removal systems, and custom engineered solutions for over 35,000 applications in all industries, in 119 countries around the world. Our company's founder invented the tube type oil skimmer to ensure efficient, effective oil removal in any application, small or large. Five decades later, we offer a full line of industrial oil removal equipment as well as custom engineering capabilities to meet every oil removal need. 

Contact Oil Skimmers, Inc. today for a solution to your specific oil skimming application.

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