Duckweed Weir Skimmers

Is duckweed taking over your pond? Do you want to get rid of this invasive plant without using chemicals? When you use a floating weir skimmer to skim duckweed from ponds, you can actually win the battle. Using a duckweed pond skimmer is safe for the environment, economical and easy.

Floating Duckweed Skimmers Make Pond and Lake Clean-Up Easy

Our duckweed skimmer floats on the water and quickly skims the surface to remove duckweed, watermeal and other plant material. The watermeal skimmer creates a powerful current of water that draws in floating plants and debris. All of our floating weir skimmers are designed to extract only the weeds and organic debris that float on the surface.

Our duckweed pond skimmers will be your ally in the battle against duckweed. They skim away watermeal every day with little to no maintenance or supervision to keep your water clear of this aggressive enemy.

What is Duckweed?

Duckweed is a fast-growing plant commonly found in ponds and lakes. It has free-floating roots and rapidly reproduces on the surface of the water. Watermeal is a type of duckweed that lacks roots. Both normally grow together and combine to create a large, floating mat-like colony on the surface of still bodies of water. While these aquatic plants are an important food source for waterfowl and fish, they can become a nuisance to humans because of their aggressive growth.

Get Rid of Duckweed Today!

Are you losing the battle when it comes to duckweed? We can help. Our team can show you the best way to skim duckweed from ponds with our floating weir skimmers.


Why Should I Skim Duckweed From Ponds?

Duckweed is almost impossible to avoid. Geese, ducks and migratory birds carry the plants on their legs as they fly from pond to pond. Because of the incredible growth-rate, the duckweed colony can explode. Without an aggressive removal plan, your pond can easily be overrun by this obnoxious weed.

Duckweed is Invasive

Under the right conditions, duckweed is an alarming example of exponential growth. The plant divides every day, which means the population also doubles every day. A pond can be completely covered in a matter of weeks. Removal is essential for pond health.

Duckweed Harms Ponds

Once a watermeal colony completely covers the surface of still water, it blocks the sunlight, which then depletes the oxygen underneath. This suffocates fish and damages the plant life that lives below the surface. Beneficial water-cleaning algae is destroyed and creates excess debris and sludge in the pond. A duckweed infestation destroys the natural balance of aquatic plants and animals.

Duckweed Can Be Used for Food and Fertilizer

Despite its name, duckweed can be fed to pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits and farmed fish — it's not just for ducks.

Once you skim duckweed from ponds, you can collect it for a cheap and nutritious food source for a variety of animals. Because it's one of the fastest-growing plants, it is easy to replenish. Dehydrated duckweed can be used as a protein-rich alfalfa meal replacement.

Even though this plant can be invasive in water, it will not spread in soil. It can be used as compost or tilled into fields for a natural fertilizer.

Natural Ways to Control Duckweed

Duckweed can be controlled without using chemicals. The sooner you start the plant removal process, the better your results will be. Protect your ponds and the environment with these earth-friendly solutions:

  • Manual raking and netting removes the plants but can be labor-intensive for large ponds or if multiple waterways need to be tended.
  • Create movement by using a water fountain and a bubble aerator.
  • Use a duckweed skimmer to remove the pesky weed quickly and adeptly. A daily harvest keeps the colony under control. Once it's set up, it runs quietly and efficiently and will keep your pond clear.

Types of Duckweed Skimmers

We offer two types of floating weir skimmers that can be used as watermeal skimmers. Both clean up ponds and lakes fast and offer 360° duckweed filtration. They can easily be concealed and are silent to operate.

3F 360 Floating Weir Skimmers

The weir can be manually adjusted, dependent on the thickness of the watermeal layer on the surface. A mesh screen surrounds the center weir to prevent intake of debris and clogging of the skimmer.

3F Flow Control Floating Oil Skimmers

The weir adjusts based on the rate of water flow, or it can be adjusted by changing the pump pressure.

If you have questions about which model is best suited for your needs, we are here to help. Just contact us and we will help you determine the most appropriate solution.

Do You Provide Parts and Service for Duckweed Pond Skimmers?

At Oil Skimmers, Inc., we pride ourselves on selling the best quality floating weir skimmers that are built to last. But when they finally need service, you can rely on us to get your duckweed skimmer back up and running.

We also supply all the parts, kits and sub-assemblies you need to keep your duckweed skimmer performing at its best.

Factory Service is also available if repairs are needed. Our expert technicians will repair your duckweed pond skimmer and return it in like-new condition. Only manufacturer-certified replacement parts are used, and a one-year factory warranty is available on certain repairs.

Get Rid of Invasive Duckweed with a Duckweed Pond Skimmer

Floating weir skimmers are the easiest way to clean up your pond quickly and efficiently. We can help you create the perfect watermeal skimmer system so you can effectively skim duckweed from ponds. We also offer custom engineered solutions, including mobile removal systems. Keep your pond clean and healthy with a floating weir skimmer — contact our team today.

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