The Importance of Active Oil Removal (Copy)

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Continuous, active oil removal is crucial for optimal performance of oil water separators.

“Active oil removal” is a key feature of Oil Skimmers, Inc. SAS Tanks that allows them to excel where many oil water separators fall short – waste oil removal after oil water separation. Traditionally, separators feature passive oil removal methods such as slotted pipes or overflow weirs that are intended to allow surface oil to overflow and drain to a collection vessel. These methods require monitoring and manual adjustment, demanding time and labor from maintenance personnel. If left unmonitored which most seem to be, a weir or slotted pipe set too high can cause a layer of oil to build up on the surface, causing a host of other maintenance and performance problems, including:

  • Buildup of oil on the surface… which prevents oxygen from reaching the water’s surface, resulting in formation and growth of anaerobic bacteria that can cause skin irritation, clog coalescing media and emit foul odors

  • Dirt and debris collecting on the oil layer… which combine to form a heavy sludge. Eventually the surface sludge tends to sink, effecting the performance of coalescing media and disrupting the operation of the separator.

  • Risk of oil “flush out”… where any sudden or heavy inflow of water (for example, from an increase in production or from stormwater) can exceed the separator’s capacity, washing out the oil layer that has gathered on top and causing it to mix with the clean effluent.

  • “Crowding”… where the oil layer takes up an increasing space in the separation chamber, reducing the overall separation area and thus reducing the functionality and efficiency of the separation process.

Conversely, if a slotted pipe is set too low, too much water escapes with the oil, defeating the purpose of the separation system, allowing too much water in the oil waste stream and thus driving up the cost of haul away and recycling. It’s expensive enough to have “pure” waste oil hauled away, and even costlier to have water hauled away with it.

Active oil removal with a tube type oil skimmer is a 24/7 sentry guarding the performance of an oil water separator, eliminating these concerns, minimizing costs, and maintenance requirements and in general keeps the oil water separator performing at its peak efficiency.

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