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Oil Water Separator with Active Oil Removal™

In many industrial settings, oil and water meet and flow together. Before re-using, treating, or discharging the water, the oil should be separated and removed. When oily wastewater, process water, wash water, or rain run-off water does not have sufficient time or space for the oil and water to separate naturally, a SAS Tank can answer the challenge.

Oil Water Separator with Active Oil Removal

The SAS® (Separate And Skim) Tank from Oil Skimmers Inc. is a complete oil separation and removal solution for industrial process water and wastewater applications. The SAS Tank provides the opportunity (space and time) to efficiently separate and remove the oil. The oil-free water continues on its journey to be treated, reused or discharged.

Active Oil Removal logoThe SAS Tank is equipped with a Brill® tube type oil skimmer for Active Oil Removal™ that continuously removes the separated oil. A decanter returns any water or coolant collected by the skimmer back to the application. The decanting process ensures the least possible percentage of water in the recovered oil.

SAS Tanks are designed and engineered for each application, taking into consideration the flow rate, temperature of the oil/water, type of oil to be removed, and available floor space, among other variables.


The SAS Tank accepts a continual flow of liquid which enters the separator and is directed into the separation chamber, where the oil and water form two distinct layers. The coalescing media pack in the SAS Tank facilitates and expedites separation.


Unlike other oil water separators, the SAS Tank is supplied with a continuous, "active" method of oil removal; a Brill® tube-type oil skimmer. The skimmer eliminates the build-up of oil in the separation chamber, which is the primary cause of inefficiencies and maintenance in other oil water separators. Learn more about the Importance of Active Oil Removal.

SAS Tank Oil Water Separator and Skim 1st Tank

Why the Tube? The SAS® Tank features a Brill® tube-type oil skimmer. The integrated oil skimmer continuously removes oil, eliminating build-up of oil in the separation chamber, which is the primary cause of inefficiencies in other types of oil water separators.

The floating tube attracts oil from the surface of the liquid and is drawn into the skimmer where it passes through a series of scrapers. As the scrapers remove the oil, it drains into the SAS Tank’s decanter. The clean tube returns to the tank to pick up more oil.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. tube-type skimmers need no regular maintenance and they have been operating in the harshest industrial environments for decades. Whether the tank solution pH is very high or low, this unit will last.

The SAS® Tank can be customized to your specific application with the addition of these optional features:

  • Control panel with stainless steel or explosion proof enclosure
  • Level switch to detect tank levels, trigger system power, activate pumps, and/or alarm lights
  • Oil sensing technology to trigger desired action
  • Teflon™ or epoxy coatings
  • Oil collection reservoir to contain recovered oil
  • Heat tracing and insulation for cold temperature environments
  • Tank mounting (casters, elevated stands, etc.) specific to your application
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