1 Multi-Billion Dollar Energy Project, 23 Custom Oil Skimmers, 120 Days



How Did We Do It?



The sales, engineering and operations teams at Oil Skimmers, Inc. all worked together to devise a customized solution that met the customer’s stringent commercial and technical requirements. With Oil Skimmers, Inc., customers are not only guaranteed the very best in oil skimming technology, they are also provided superior customer service. When possible, we meet with our customers and visit their facilities. And, we always make it our mission to help solve their issues, address their challenges and devise solutions that will meet their individual needs.

“Our ability to design, build and ship 23 custom oil skimmers halfway around the word in just 120 days was a record for our company – and vital to the customer,” said President Mike Gaudiani, Oil Skimmers, Inc. “It was a challenge happily accepted and met.” 


Our engineering and operations teams worked together to develop the custom Model 6V oil skimmers and meet the rigorous design requirements the customer outlined. Each skimmer features a floating collector tube designed to continuously remove oil from wastewater to help ensure that wastewater potentially discharged from the customer’s gas production equipment is kept free of waste oil. Our solutions are custom engineered to meet any facility’s needs. From the basic to the complex, we have developed complete waste oil recovery solutions for facilities both large and small that are easy, efficient, maintenance-free and effective.

“We provided a creative solution to help the power plant better manage plant maintenance while meeting environmental objectives with the highest reliability at a competitive price,” said Gaudiani.


We delivered this customer a high-quality oil skimming solution that can operate continuously for decades, withstand the test of time and weather, and requiring little to no maintenance. Our tube-based oil skimmers feature a unique, simple design and an extremely rugged construction. They encompass cast aluminum housing, wear-resistant ceramics, internal gearing and high-strength steel and bronze for a dependable skimming solution, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. For nearly 50 years, Oil Skimmers, Inc., has designed and installed oil skimming solutions for more than 25,000 applications. 

“This breadth of experience has made us the leader in designing and delivering waste oil recovery and recycling solutions for even the most diverse and demanding applications,” adds Gaudiani.

Need to remove oil from wastewater? Looking for a custom solution? Up against a stringent timeline?  With Oil Skimmers, Inc., we deliver more than equipment. We provide solutions. From service excellence to the ability to customize products for numerous applications across a variety of industries – Oil Skimmers, Inc. can solve any oil/water removal challenge. 

To learn more about creating your own oil skimming success story, contact: info@oilskim.com or call 800.200.4603.


Download the White Paper: "The Challenge of Removing Surface (Free-Floating) Oil"


White Paper: The Challenges of Removing Surface Oil

Photo Credit: © Steven Bradley / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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