Steel Mills: Removing Oil from Scale Pits


remove oil from steel mill Steelmaking is a competitive industry with a wide range of external factors that could inhibit operations. These include global market conditions, raw material prices, environmental standards and government regulations.

Luckily, there are ways in which the operation of steel mills can be significantly improved with a small investment. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is by installing an effective and efficient oil removal system.

Manufacturing steel produces a large amount of both solid and oily waste that get mixed into the wastewater. By implementing proper water treatment and oil skimming systems, a substantial part of these materials can be recovered and potentially reused. At the most basic level, removing oil from water in your scale pit or discharge ponds will help your steel plant run more effectively and efficiently.

When Should You Remove Oil?

Moving, pumping or plunging oil causes large oil droplets to disperse into smaller ones, which makes removing the oil more challenging and expensive. This is why it’s important to remove the oil as close to the source as possible.

On top of that, removing lubricant and hydraulic fluid early prevents them from clogging filtration systems, degrading production machinery and even causing damage to the product itself.

If oil is removed before the water reaches pressurization test pits, there’s a reduced likelihood of flawed results, the sensors don’t get exposed to damaging oily residue and the life of the water is extended.

How Do I Identify the Right Oil Removal Equipment?

Because there are many different types of oil removal systems, it’s important to install one that will complement the specifications and address the requirements of your steel mill. In order to ensure that excess oil is properly and efficiently removed, it’s important to choose the right type of skimmer.

Removing oil from scale pits brings its own set of challenges. One of the main issues is dealing with debris. Oil skimmers that operate on a fixed-path (like belt, drum, and disc-type skimmers) often get blocked by steel chips, grit and other solid waste. The debris prevents oil from reaching the skimming device, rendering it useless.

Oil Skimmers, Inc.'s Brill® tube-type skimmers, however, are designed with this challenge in mind. They feature a Free-Floating Collector Tube® that floats on the surface of the water and can snake around around any debris, continuously collecting oil. The oil is scraped off the tube by the skimmer and the cleaned tube is returned to the water. This offers continuous and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Our tube skimmers can also adjust to varying water levels—they can effectively skim oil when positioned near the surface or from as high as 60-feet above. Standard and custom mounting options are available to make for easy installation in any steel mill application.

Another advantageous property of tube-type skimmers is that none of their parts are submerged. This further reduces the need for upkeep and supervision–making them ideal for use in steel mills.

Save Money by Eliminating Recurring Costs and Make Money by Selling Recovered Oil

After oil is removed by the skimmer, it can be stored in barrels, totes or tanks. Because used oil may be treated and repurposed, many of our customers sell their recovered oil to other companies, creating a new revenue opportunity.

Oil Skimmers, Inc. has provided oil removal solutions to many steel mill companies to date. One customer, a steel mini-mill, had employed a vac truck service to periodically vacuum waste oil out of its scale pit. But vacuuming takes a lot of water along with the oil, and occasional visits didn't provide a solution to a continuous problem.

After installing our oil skimmers, the steel mill reported an immediate improvement in the efficiency of their entire operation and an overall reduction in maintenance and subsequent downtime—translating into a fast return on investment.

Improve the Operational Efficiency and Bottom Line of Your Steel Plant

Oil Skimmers, Inc. has decades of experience with designing, engineering and installing oil removal solutions for steel mills and is familiar with the unique set of needs and challenges involved.

If you want a durable and rugged solution to your waste oil problem that offers flexible installation, promises a reduction in overall maintenance and can provide a new revenue stream, then contact Oil Skimmers, Inc. today. We’ll help you find the best oil skimming solution for your particular needs.

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