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An integral part of being an engineer is staying up to date on new discoveries, developments, trends and news in your particular field. The ever-evolving nature of the job makes staying ahead of the curve a challenge, but necessary.

Finding a good source of relevant information amongst the plethora of available resources can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 noteworthy resources for engineers. In no particular order:  

1. Water & Wastes Digest

If you are a professional working in the municipal and industrial water, water pollution, or wastewater field, Water & Wastes Digest might be the magazine for you. Its concise articles cover various aspects of the industry and touch on topics ranging from exciting applications of cutting-edge technology to relevant changes brought on by new regulations.

The magazine itself is published monthly, but the website also features a podcast called “Talking Under Water” that discusses the goings-on in the industry.

2. Industrial WaterWorld

As the name implies, Industrial WaterWorld deals with the news, services, and products related to the maintenance and operation of industrial water systems. It’s an online resource aimed at engineering, management and consulting professionals from the wastewater and process water industry.

The Industrial WaterWorld website features daily industry-related news and a weekly video-newscast that summarizes the most important stories of the week. 

3. Environmental Science & Engineering

Environmental Science & Engineering magazine has been an informative and reliable source of information across Canada for over 30 years. The magazine is read by approximately 20,000 contractors and engineers.

Both the website and magazine feature a variety of articles written by prominent scientists, environmental companies and engineers. Their articles mostly cover environmental topics, specifically ones relating to water and wastewater management.

4. Processing Magazine

If the development and use of new technologies and industrial equipment pique your interest, you should take a look at Processing Magazine. It covers the technical aspects of various process industries—food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas.

With articles that focus on the development, management, maintenance, and improvement of industrial processing operations, professionals working in these industries can get information to help them maximize product quality, output, and profitability. 

5. Modern Pumping Today

Modern Pumping Today is a monthly national magazine aimed at operations executives and engineers. Its goal is to provide a blend of technical and educational articles that offer an up-to-date overview of the pump industry. The publication covers new technologies, financing trends, equipment maintenance and important regulatory changes, which makes it a must-read for anyone working in the pump industry.

6. Engineering News-Record

Engineering News-Record is an essential resource aimed at helping engineering and construction industry professionals perform their jobs more effectively. In order to achieve this, their weekly magazine and website offer insightful articles and commentary on current engineering and construction news as well as projects in the United States and across the globe.

By covering a diverse range of sectors—from safety, law, and legislation all the way to business management, labor and design, they have cultivated a well-rounded and resourceful reader base. 

7. Engineering.com

With over 2,000 engineering stories per year, Engineering.com is amongst the most active websites in this space. With its worldwide reader base and partnerships with both academia and technology companies, it’s one of the most influential voices in the engineering space.

Its site also features a forum for working professionals and is home to ProjectBoard—a platform built for sharing innovative solutions and ideas. 

8. The Engineer

A UK-based monthly, The Engineer focuses on a wide variety of engineering and technology topics. It brings news from aerospace, security and defense, automotive, advanced manufacturing, rail and marine, civil and structural, medical and healthcare, electronics and communications, environmental and energy industries both to their UK and international readers. 

9. E&T Magazine

This award-winning monthly is published by the Institute of Engineering and Technology and covers topics concerning all engineering and technology sectors including energy, design and production, transport and information and communications.

Engineering & Technology magazine and their accompanying website report on relevant news stories, publish educational articles and even offer job advertisements. 

10. Design News

If you’re looking to join the largest community of trusted design engineers in the OEM market, Design News is the website for you.

It provides relevant news and features that cover every phase of the design process—design hardware and software, electronics and testing, materials and assembly and automation and control.

Some of the most popular application areas with their readers are automotive, consumer electronics, industrial controls, medical and military/aerospace/defense.

Even More Resources for Engineers

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