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metal-machining Excess oil in manufacturing processes can have detrimental effects to overall operations, as it:

  • Shortens the life of machining coolant
  • Can result in costly equipment malfunctions and maintenance
  • Can affect the quality of finished parts

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Oil skimming can save manufacturers thousands of dollars in maintenance issues and ensure that finished products are the best quality possible.

Oil skimmers remove tramp oil from coolant or parts-washing solutions before it can cause problems downstream. The process is easy to execute, affordable and can provide multiple benefits to those in the manufacturing industry. Below, we’ve highlighted three key ways oil skimming directly contributes to a smoother manufacturing process.

  1. Extend the Life of Your Coolant

For any machining process, coolant is essential to dissipate the heat and lubricate a part for cutting. However, as it’s sprayed, the coolant often picks up metal chips and residual oil from parts being machined. If this tramp oil is not removed, the coolant will degrade faster over time.

And let’s face it—coolant is expensive both in terms of costs to purchase, and the downtime and manpower required to change it. 

Luckily, coolant can be re-used if skimmed and filtered correctly, thus saving your team money.

  1. Reduce Equipment Malfunction

If oil isn’t properly removed from process liquids—like coolant and parts-washing solutions—prior to it reaching your filtering system, your equipment itself can suffer.

Excess tramp oil can blind filters, reducing their lifespan and effectiveness. It can also cause a domino effect if the tramp oil makes it past filters into gears, spray lines and nozzles.

By skimming oil before it can compromise equipment, manufacturers can lengthen the lifespan of their machines and prevent costly breakdowns. Equipment malfunction can often set a manufacturing process back hours or even days, and result in expensive repairs.

  1. Improve the Quality of Finished Parts

No matter your machining process, parts will inherently accumulate oil. Therefore, before the machined part can be used or coated, it must be properly washed.

The continuous removal of oil from your parts washing solution ensures a clean product and proper adhesion of any coating. Bottom line: Skimming ensures your finished parts are free of tramp oil, and delivered in the best possible condition.

Start Manufacturing a Better Product with Oil Skimming

When oil is skimmed from process liquids in manufacturing plants, you achieve increased efficiency, reduced costs and higher quality products. If you’re interested in learning more about how oil skimming can improve products and processes at your manufacturing facility, contact us for more information.


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