The 5 Benefits of Continuous Oil Removal in Can Making


aluminum cans at a canning factory The global demand for beverage cans will increase between two and three percent in 2015, according to a recent forecast by Alcoa, one of the world’s leading suppliers of aluminum canstock.

With the number of cans rolling off production lines fast approaching one-half trillion a year, canmakers are constantly challenged to optimize their plant operations. Each step of can manufacturing – from drawing and ironing to curing and finishing – offers opportunity for improvement. But let’s look at one element in particular that can make a huge difference in can quality and plant efficiency:  oil removal.

Removing oil from water in the cooling and washing processes can help improve:

  1. Product quality 
    When oil from press machinery lubricants, washing equipment and conveyor systems gets into water at the washing or cooling stages of manufacture, contamination can result. Continuously skimming floating oil from the water prevents residue on can surfaces. Printing inks and coatings adhere perfectly. Oil removal also saves money on wash solution chemicals and allows the wash equipment to function more efficiently. 
  1. Cooling process performance
    Removing tramp oil continuously extends the life of coolants, extends tool life and eliminates smoke from occurring.
  1. Filtration system efficiency
    Installing an oil skimmer at a sump or tank location to capture oil before cooling or washing water gets discharged extends the life of the plant filtration system. 
  1. Water and wastewater disposal costs
    Continuous oil removal helps conserve water, while it also ensures that plant wastewater requires less treatment. 
  1. Workplace health and safety
    Capturing oil before it escapes into the air is an important step in preventing inhalation of dispersants.

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