How Do Tube Type Oil Skimmers Work? (Video)


tube skimmer removing oil You’re probably aware of why skimming oil is important, but do you know how skimmers actually collect oil? Are you certain the type of skimmer you’re using is the best choice?

There are a handful of different oil skimming solutions, but we will focus on the most efficient and reliable system—tube-type oil skimmers.

How the Oil Skimmer Works

The Brill® tube skimmer type uses a special closed-loop Free-Floating Collector Tube™ that is designed to attract oil but not water. The collector tube is slowly drawn across the surface of the wastewater, and this movement creates a current to pull oil in. The oil-covered tube then passes through special ceramic scrapers that clean the tube of the waste oil, collecting it in a container. From there, the cleaned tube then returns to the tank to continue collecting oil.

One big advantage of this type of skimmer is that it operates seamlessly even in cases where wastewater contains floating debris. The tube can snake its way around the debris without collecting it—ensuring thorough oil removal while also avoiding any related maintenance issues.

Further, a tube-type skimmer can automatically adjust to changing water levels and can be mounted with standard, pre-engineered mounting options, or custom-mounted—making it effective in virtually any situation.

For an even clearer idea on how tube-type oil skimmers operate, watch our video below. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our team of Oil Removal Solutions Experts.


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