Tube-Type Oil Skimmers: The Solution to Removing Oil from the Surface of Water (Video)


6V Brill tube skimmer removing oil from API separator The age-old idiom that oil and water don’t mix is true, but at some point in most industrial processes they actually do combine. If the oil is not removed, it can cause quite a few adverse affects.

But, thanks to oil skimming technology, we can effectively remove oil from the water’s surface. Doing so, provides economic advantages, improves wastewater treatment processes, extends the life of process liquids, and allows the oil to retain its value for recycling and reuse.

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Why the Tube-Type Oil Skimmer?

Throughout our 50 years of providing oil removal solutions, we’ve observed some common challenges when a tube-type oil skimmer is not used, including: 

  • Rope mop skimmers collecting debris, causing the skimmer to malfunction - or collecting too much water with the oil
  • Floating debris forming a dam in front of a belt or disc skimmer, preventing the oil from reaching the device
  • Skimmers running on a fixed path, from a fixed position not drawing in oil from all areas of the tank, or reaching the oil when the water level is low

That’s why we recommend using a tube-type oil skimmer. The solution employs a free-floating collection tube that continuously picks up oil on the water’s surface, even when floating debris is present. Since the tube floats, it automatically adjusts to fluctuating water levels and its movement across the surface creates a current that draws in the oil for efficient oil skimming.

Watch the full video for more insight into why our Brill® tube type skimmers work best. And feel free to reach out to our team of experts with any questions you might have.


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