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Oil Skimming: 7 Benefits, 6 Must-Have Features and 4 Skimming Accessories

Posted by Guy Flynn on Apr 27, 2021 00:00:00 AM

Model 6V Oil Skimmer with Decanter and Tube GuardsWaste oil doesn't have to be a burden to plant personnel. Using an oil skimmer ensures that oil will be removed with minimal effort. With the right equipment, a facility can manage the oil effectively while saving time and money.

Plant personnel are always looking for new tools and equipment to help them run their facility more efficiently. In many manufacturing and processing plants, oily water is present, which prevents a plant from functioning at its maximum productivity level.

Water has several purposes...

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7 Immediate Changes You’ll See After Implementing Oil Skimming

Posted by Guy Flynn on Aug 30, 2018 08:04:00 AM

Oil Skimmer to remove oil at scrap yardYou don’t have to wait long to see the results.

Oil skimming can have an immediate and sustained impact on your business. In fact, a Brill® tube-type oil skimmer can pay for itself within a few months through process efficiency gains, new revenue streams, and reduced equipment and labor costs.

In this post, we look at seven key differences you’ll notice right away once you begin skimming and separating oil from...

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What Is Oil Skimming? The 5 Clear Benefits of Efficient Oil Removal

Posted by Jim Petrucci on Aug 28, 2018 08:21:00 AM

oil-skimmer-steel-rolling-cart-mount-1 During many industrial and manufacturing processes, water is combined with chemicals, oils, grease, fat and other containments.

What is Oil Skimming?

Oil skimming is the process of removing floating waste oil, fat or grease from wastewater. It is the first step in any recovery, recycle or reuse project, and has numerous benefits for the environment, economy, and businesses.

Read on to learn why you should skim.

5 Benefits of Oil Removal

1. Cost Reduction

With skimming, water is cleaned before it reaches your...

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